Brunching in the Six

There is no better way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning than curing your hangover with brunch. Whenever I am away on a trip I almost always make it a point to try out a popular local brunch joint, and this past weekend in Toronto was no exception. After researching online our group decided on a hip restaurant on College Street called Starving Artist where the menu is made up of entirely waffles. When we arrived at the restaurant we hit a road block: a line almost out the door. Now I am always in the mood for a good brunch, BUT I am never in the mood for waiting to eat so we began our hunt for the nearest substitute and stumbled upon a little slice of heaven.

Southern Accent is a restaurant focusing on New Orleans’ Cajun and Creole cuisine in the heart of Little Italy at 839 College Street. I was a bit skeptical at first because I wasn’t expecting to eat Cajun food in Toronto, but the exterior of the restaurant was enticing. Upon entering we were immediately greeted by the sweetest waitress who led us through the dimly lit front to a table directly under a bright skylight. The interior was eclectically decorated with paintings that were available for purchase and a vibrant mural on the back wall.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Mural on the back wall of Southern Accent

When we began to review the menu my friends and I were intrigued by some of the drink options. I opted for a brunch beer (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?), while they decided to have the Cajun Caesar, the Canadian equivalent of a Bloody Mary. Unfortunately, I cannot give an expert opinion on beer, but to me the Side Launch Wheat Ale was satisfying and the perfect beer for brunch. I am not a fan of Bloody Mary’s, but my friends were impressed with their Caesars.

After an overall positive impression of the atmosphere and drinks we were blown away by the delectable food. Click here to check out the full menu. Ryan and I both ordered Big Al’s Pancake Stack after our waitress had told us that it was her favorite thing on the menu. The pancakes were topped with chicken, bacon, and apples and smothered in maple syrup. I have always been a little wary of the mixture of sweet breakfast food with chicken, but decided to take the plunge on this one. The chicken perfectly complemented the pancakes and bacon, and their own Lime Garlic Piquant Sauce was the “ultimate dipping sauce” for the sweet and spicy combo (so much so that I bought a bottle to bring home).

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Caesar alongside Side Launch Wheat Ale

To top off our amazing meal we ordered beignets for a dessert. Although they were not from Cafe du Monde, I could not help myself but stuff my face with the sugary doughnuts. A trip to Southern Accent would be incomplete without an order of beignets to finish off the meal.

Overall, the experience was phenomenal. My friends and I concluded that it was by far the best meal that we had in Toronto, and that we would love to go back in the future. Nothing could have made this meal any better (except a second order of everything). If you are looking for a great brunch away from the crowds at more popular destinations, Southern Accent is the place to be.


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